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What paintings can be treated?

We treat oil paintings on canvas, panel, board, paper and metal supports. We do not treat any other works on paper such as watercolours, pastels, prints or drawings.

Can anything be done?

We have rescued many paintings thought to be beyond repair. Please don't be afraid to ask for advice, there is very little that can't be fixed...

Oil painting scratched and folded with missing corners    cracked, flaking oil painting     folded, discoloured oil painting

How much will it cost?

Every painting has its own history and has to be individually assessed to determine the cost of work. For this reason we offer free estimates, without obligation, and can visit you for this purpose if required.

Is my painting worth restoring?

Although we are able to give guidance on the quality and merit of a painting, we are unable to give current market values.

The transformation brought about by simply cleaning a painting obscured by years of surface dirt and discoloured varnish can give a lifetime of renewed and enhanced enjoyment of your painting.

If a painting is torn or has signs of flaking paint, these problems are likely to get worse over time. Treatment can save these paintings for future generations.

The value of a painting cannot always be expressed in monetary terms, a high sentimental value is often enough reason to have your painting restored.

What is accreditation?

The accreditation systems set out expected standards of practice for painting conservator restorers, both ethical and practical.  Fellowship of The British Association of Paintings Conservator Restorers (BAPCR) may be applied for after a minimum of 7 years experience.

The process involves an inspection of premises and a review of working practices with examples in all fields.  All professional insurance requirements must be in place and we are required to maintain a rolling programme of continuing professional development.


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